Friday, August 10, 2012

Friday Favorites #2

I have a lot of faith this Friday as I continue the housing hunt and start cleaning our house 
(I smell a blog post in works...literally bleach, baking soda, vinegar and wash cloths galore).

Here are so me of my Favorite things from this week.

Ohmylanta does this not look like the most amazing thing ever?
Source: Ruth Hart at
It's White Champagne Sangria and Ruthie Hart posted the recipe on her blog, 
at The Chronicles of Ruthie Hart.

Care for some non-alcoholic Sangria?
Check out Southern Hospitality, where Jordan posted a recipe for Apple Pie Sangria.

Admittedly, I'm sure excited for the upcoming holiday season.
Upcoming? Kim that's like months away...
Don't ruin this for me.

Found these on Pinterest via Martha Stewart's Blog
Glittered Deer Table Decorations sound so flippin cute!

Just about as cute as these Christmas Houses from Rhonna Designs.
Source: Rhonna Farrer
Emily Rose from the Simply Vintage Girl blog, this idea for a Thankful Tree.
It reminds me so much of a Worry Tree, that I totally want to incorporate 
this into our decor once we move.

Source: Emily Rose,
Those are just some of the fun things that I saw around the inter-webs this week.
Now I've got a bowl of Spaghettios with my name on it.

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